Tuesday, June 2, 2020

3 Things CCVIs and others can do to help heal the sin of racism

The horrific killing of George Floyd, an African-American man, in Minneapolis, MN, by white Minneapolis police officers has left us heart broken and with feelings of outrage and disbelief that such crimes continue to take place in our country.

What positive steps can CCVIs and our ministries take to help heal the sin of racism, both individual and systemic?


MACC (the Mexican American Catholic College) invites you to a critical conversation on how systemic violence is as silently accepted as the air we breathe. Recent events, however, have shockingly reminded us that those who are targeted because of their race cannot breathe in this deadly status quo. The Zoom session will provide an overview of the history of white supremacy in the USA and Latin America...and its resurgence in our time.  Participants will participate in smaller zoom room conversations to contextualize racism in their particular reality and how Catholic Social Teaching can be a source of life-giving breath for those who are dying. 

Let MACC know if you are interested in participating. They will poll you for a time that works for all.  Please RSVP to:  ocampos@maccsa.org

This posting is taken from MACC's Facebook page:  The Mexican American Catholic Coll

2.  EDUCATE OURSELVES:  Learn about white privilege and systemic racism

CLICK HERE to read a powerful and challenging article by Fr. Massingale:  
"The assumptions of white privilege and what we can do about it." 
Recommendation:  Reflect personally on this article and then engage with 1 or more persons, if possible, via an online format (or in person, using social distancing) in a critical conversation on white privilege and systemic racism.

3.  PROPHETIC STATEMENT:  Pray and reflect on the CCVI Congregational Statement on Systemic Racism
CLICK HERE  for the CCVI statement on systemic racism, May 31, 2020.

Recommendation:  Reflect personallh on the statement and then engage with others in conversation on how we can live out the statement. What are you willing to commit to?  How might we challenge ourselves as congregation to move forward in this effor to dismantle systemic racism?

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