Monday, April 21, 2014

The Mir­ror of Race Project

The Mir­ror of Race Project, a place for reflec­tion on the mean­ing of race in Amer­ica — its past, as well as its present and future. 
Here you will find both a main exhi­bi­tion of early Amer­i­can pho­tographs as well as exhi­bi­tions on spe­cific top­ics.
You will also find crit­i­cal com­men­tary in var­i­ous forms, such as essays and film.
Come inside and take the oppor­tu­nity to think about how you see oth­ers — and yourself.

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  1. On page 12 on engage it talks about how people threw a brick in the window of a Jewish home. They are being racist in Montana against the Jewish community were being discriminated for their religion. This just shows that in the past and even now people will do hate crimes against other races just to intimidate or just to show their dominance towards the other race. We need to overcome this racism because it still goes on today but secretly. We need to put an end so that we can live in a peaceful life. All of us should read more on this project so that we can find ways to help out. Thank you for your time to read this post.