Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Statement in Response to National Guard Deployment to the US/Mexico Border

The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word stand with our Bishops (US Statement and Mexico Statement) and other people of faith (Pax Christi statement) in expressing deep concern about the decision of the U.S. Government to send U.S. National Guard troops to the southern border with Mexico.
Our faith requires us to welcome the stranger and give aid to those in need.  We recognize there is a crisis at our borders.  However, it is a humanitarian crisis for those fleeing violence and persecution, not one that requires military intervention.  We denounce the rhetoric that seeks to dehumanize those who cross the border and deny them their human dignity and human rights.  
We are a Congregation that serves in both the United States and Mexico.  Grounded in the expansive love of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, we will continue to welcome, support, and advocate for the rights of all who choose to cross the U.S./Mexico border.


  1. Who has the right to tell someone else that they do not belong. Who has the right to make someone feel alienated, to classify them as an immigrant. The very simplistic answer is no one has the right to judge others but God himself. The issue of immigration is not an issue at all when truly understood. We were all meant to shine as children do, children of God. For God himself told us to love thy neighbor as we love ourselves, immensely. "Do not judge others sins for they are different than yours."

  2. People are people no matter what country they live in. I love this article and how it is shining a light on the fact that Jesus Christ loved all people, and we as his followers are to do the same. It does not matter where they are from. Everyone deserves a chance at a better life and it is not our place to judge how people chose to do that. It is, however, our job to love and pray for all people from all countries.

  3. everyone has the right to choose where they live, but there are two sides to every story. I believe that we should watch over the people that enter the US, but we need to start treating them more like humans and not like wild animals. It's terrible that we have to live in a world where we can't trust one another, but a small act of kindness, like treating someone with respect, can go a long way and can eventually end the distrust in the world.