Monday, November 9, 2015

On This Day

Life forms going extinct at a rising number its more rampant now this includes mankind at the rate their destroying lifes ecosystems on the planet.
In 1867 Crow Chief Bear Tooth gave a speech in which he condemned all non-Native men for their reckless destruction of wildlife and the natural environment at Fort Laramie, Wyoming: "Fathers, fathers, fathers, hear me well. Call back your young men from the mountains of the bighorn sheep. They have run over our country; they have destroyed the growing wood and the green grass; they have set fire to our lands. Fathers, your young men have devastated the country and killed my animals, the elk, the deer, the antelope, my buffalo. They do not kill them to eat them; they leave them to rot where they fall. Fathers, if I went into your country to kill your animals, what would you say? Should I not be wrong, and would you not make war on me?"

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