Thursday, April 18, 2019

Earth Day Sunday: Next Generation Rising

Each year, Creation Justice Ministries offers Christian education materials to equip faith communities to protect, restore, and more rightly share God's creation.

PictureOur 2019 theme is "Next Generation Rising" and focuses on children and youth leading the way for creation justice. This resource will feature stories such as that of the youth who brought the Our Children's Trust climate change lawsuit against the federal government.

​To connect with others who are planning Earth Day Sunday activities, join the Earth Day Sunday 2019 Facebook Event.

Special thanks to our team that made this resource possible, and a special thank you to the team coordinator who organized and invested countless hours in making our resource a possibility this year. Thank you Kathy Smith of the Baptist Creation Care Initiative.

Let us know if you take action:

The Justice for #EachGeneration campaign calls for more than a thousand sermons in solidarity with the 21 youth who have taken our federal government to court over climate change.

Clergy and youth are encouraged to make a pledge to preach a sermon in the coming months. 

Liturgical resources and updates are provided. Help us spread the word about the challenge on social media. It is a ongoing campaign throughout 2018.

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  1. Write Letters to a young person in your life. Encourage them to express their commitment to addressing environmental issues and share those letters in worship.
  2. Make a Video with the youth of your congregation urging others to take action.
  3. Plant a Tree in your backyard or even organize a tree planting ceremony for the community surrounding your church.
  4. Send a Kid to Camp so they can learn to care for the earth through gardening and animal husbandry.

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