Monday, June 16, 2014

For all children in Africa - Equality Now

If the world is going to progress, it is vital that children are protected and educated. However, again and again we see that it is girls who are disproportionately denied these basic human rights. And, when human rights are denied, communities suffer.
Equality Now and our partners currently have five cam...paigns in Africa that directly affect children. Please join us in calling on government officials to fulfill their obligations to protect the rights of all African children—girls and boys—so that they are safe and healthy and can pursue an education.
Mozambique – Protect girls and women, not rapists:
Egypt – Enforce the FGM law and hold Soheir’s abusers accountable:
Kenya – Ensure Justice for Liz and all survivors of sexual violence:
Sudan - Support victims of sexual violence instead of criminalizing them:

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