Friday, September 26, 2014

Women who inspire: Patricia Ann Kelley, CCVI

(By Martha Ann, CCVI) The Incarnate Word Sisters remember the anniversary of the death of Sister Patricia Ann Kelley, CCVI, who was raped and murdered on September 27, 1987.  She worked extensively to help the poor.  

Sister Dorothy Ettling the leader of the I.W. Sisters said, "Such violence will never be conquered by a retaliation of violence in our own hearts."  

This led the Sisters to stand with other families who had lost loved ones and speak against the death penalty. 

Read more of her story:

Her memorial:


  1. Sister Patricia was a wonderful, joyful religious woman - a leader who inspired many people.

  2. On page 51 of Engage, we learned about the “Ways We Often React” through an example of the famous cartoon, Popeye. In the article “Popeye and the Myth of Redemptive Violence” they discuss that the continuous back and forth fighting between Bluto and Popeye and “neither party ever gains any insight or learns from these encounters”. The same is going on with the on-going violence of the death penalty. “Good” people want to see the bad guy go down just as kids want to see Bluto go down and this leads the “good” guy to “project onto the bad guy their own repressed anger, violence” on the bad guy. This is a never ending circle which has the so called god performing bad to get back at the so called bad people. It is important to stand up and get out of this circle and support the movement of speaking against the death penalty.

  3. A beautiful tribute to an incredible woman! thanks!