Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cultivating Resilient Communities: Practical Ways to Build Local Economies

Thanks to the Holy Cross International Justice Office for sending this excellent article by Amy Cavender, CSC

The world is getting smaller. It’s possible these days to work with colleagues that we seldom, if ever, see in person, using electronic means of communication and collaboration. It’s far easier today to keep in contact with friends ministering in other countries than it was as little as ten or fifteen years ago. We can even watch history as it’s made half a world away. (How many of us watched live news feeds as events unfolded in Tahrir Square in Egypt in January?)

Though increased ease of communication is one benefit of globalization, we must also recognize that globalization has some drawbacks as well, and it should come as no surprise that these have implications for justice issues. As the Family of Holy Cross, we’ve been working for a long time on issues of economic justice, pressing for both debt relief and fair trade among nations. We’ve been particularly concerned with how domestic and international economic policies impact the most vulnerable among us. We’ve tried to pay attention to where the goods we purchase come from, and to work to ensure that the companies from which we buy act responsibly in the countries where they operate.

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