Sunday, March 21, 2021

There is no room for racism!

Today March 21 is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We are encouraged to reflect on our identities and what we can each do as individuals to foster equality in our communities and in our workplace. 

Racial intolerance, discrimination and hatred of all kinds must end. Dignity means: You matter. I matter. We matter. We urge you all to raise your voices to denounce every act of racism, discrimination and hate. Be a catalyst for change. This has been a tough year for Afro and Asian Americans. It was awful hearing about the attacks against the Asian community and the horrible act that happened this week. We condemn acts of xenophobia, and violence. We pray for the victims. To the Asian community, we see you and stand with you.

Spread awareness about what's happening to Asians and Afros worldwide. Let’s all work together to build inclusive, more equitable communities. Every time we challenge racism and racial discrimination, we are one step closer to a more equal future for all. Together, we fight for change.

As every year on March 21, we mark a day standing up against racism. This is a call to action for people all over the world!  “Youth standing up against racism” is the 2021 theme. It engages the public through #FightRacism, which aims to foster a global culture of tolerance, equality and anti-discrimination. Read more here

¡No hay lugar para el racismo!

Hoy 21 de marzo es el Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Discriminación Racial. Se nos anima a reflexionar sobre nuestras identidades y sobre lo que podemos hacer cada una de nosotras como individuos para fomentar la igualdad en nuestras comunidades y en nuestro lugar de trabajo. 

Hay que poner fin a la intolerancia racial, la discriminación y el odio de todo tipo. Dignidad significa: Tú importas. Yo importo. Nosotras importamos. Por ello, instamos a todas las personas a alzar la voz para denunciar cualquier acto de racismo, discriminación y odio. Seamos un catalizador del cambio. 

Este ha sido un año difícil para los afroamericanos y asiáticos americanos. Ha sido horrible escuchar de los ataques contra la comunidad asiática y del horrible acto ocurrido esta semana. Condenamos los actos de xenofobia y violencia. Rezamos por las víctimas. A la comunidad asiática, les hacemos llegar  nuestra solidaridad.

Hacemos un llamado a difundir lo que está ocurriendo con los asiáticos y los afros en todo el mundo. Trabajemos juntas para construir comunidades inclusivas y más equitativas. Porque cada vez que desafiamos el racismo y la discriminación racial, estamos un paso más cerca de un futuro más igualitario para todas y todos. Luchemos por el cambio.

Como cada año, el 21 de marzo, se conmemora el día de lucha contra el racismo. Esta es una llamada a la acción para las personas de todo el mundo.  "La juventud se levanta contra el racismo" es el tema de 2021. Podemos ser parte de esta campaña involucrando al público a través de #FightRacism, que pretende fomentar una cultura global de tolerancia, igualdad y antidiscriminación. Lea más: aquí

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Stop Asian hate crimes

We condemn acts of xenophobia, and violence. We call for anti-Asian hate to stop. To the Asian community, we see you and stand with you.

"On Tuesday, March 16th, eight people, including six Asian women, were shot dead in a shooting spree at three Asian-owned day spas in Acworth & Atlanta in Georgia.This could have been our grandmothers. Our aunties, our sisters. No more. This needs to end NOW.
Call out Asian racism when you see it. Start holding people accountable NOW so racist behavior and tendencies don't foster within the next generation. 
Unlearn the model minority myth, anti-Blackness within the Asian community and xenophobia within the Black community,Sophia Delrosario

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Stopping Deforestation Can Prevent Pandemics: Destroying habitats makes viruses and other pathogens more likely to infect humans


Saplings provided by the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation for people to adopt and plant when they came to pray with Archbishop Gustavo Siller remembering Laudato Si in 2020. At Mission San Jose, a World Heritage Site, indigenous people learned agriculture and the value of planting trees from the Franciscans. 

The editors of Scientific American carefully connect issues of sustainability as does Pope Francis" in his letter on “Our Common Home” called Laudato Si.  Protecting trees and planting trees is a simple act that can make huge contributions to well-being for all living creatures.  The CompassionTree Project globally and in San Antonio can give individuals opportunities to participate in transformative action and to build community.

In an article, “Stopping Deforestation Can Prevent Pandemics: Destroying habitats makes viruses and other pathogens more likely to infect humans,” Scientific American editors note, “Ending deforestation and thwarting pandemics would address six of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals: the guarantee of healthy lives, zero hunger, gender equality, responsible consumption and production, sustainably managed land, and climate action (intact tropical forests absorb carbon dioxide, whereas burning them sends more CO2 into the atmosphere). The COVID-19 pandemic is a catastrophe, but it can rivet our attention on the enormous payoffs that humanity can achieve by not overexploiting the natural world. Pandemic solutions are sustainability solutions.” Read more

Sister Marichui Bringas and friends plant a tree she adopted at Mission San Jose as they celebrate Mexican Independence Day, September 16.  Adoptions are a commitment to loving care. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Peru wants to breathe - help us!

During this last year, every day, a friend, a family member, asks us for prayers because COVID has touched their family. Each day, there is someone looking for where to find or recharge oxygen for their loved ones in the hospital or at home. Everyday, the symptoms of our loved ones hurt us as if we, too, were suffering from the headaches, stomachaches, inability to breathe, and inability to sleep. 

But, no; we, I am fine. My anxiety, fear or helplessness cannot occupy my mind and heart. It is those friends and family members who are suffering from the disease, and it impacts them physically and mentally. They can't take it anymore. Several are already gone. We could not say goodbye. We need to stand up. Our thoughts and faith must lead us to care for life. Those of us who are well need to do something, from wherever we are. 
The situation is dire. People in Lima and Chimbote, which are the places I know the most, suffer daily to find or refill an oxygen bag. Yes, oxygen, to be able to continue breathing. Faith leaders in Peru have been working to provide medical oxygen to the people, but this crisis is beyond us. There is still much to be done. What has been achieved is not enough. 
The Church, together with the Congregations of Religious Life, has been leading several fundraising activities to build or buy what is needed for medical oxygen. Please let me know if you would like to collaborate with the medical oxygen campaigns in Peru.
Here are some ways you can join in too:
- Pray every day for the families who are suffering from this disease.

- Donate if you can. Here is a space:  
When you make your donation, write in the notes or send a message to indicating that your donation is “For the Sisters in Peru - Oxygen Plant”. 

- Communicate with your friends and family, in these times of uncertainty; a word of solidarity has the strength to encourage life.

By Katty Huanuco, CCVI

More information about the Oxygen Shortage, HERE

Perú quiere respirar - ¡Ayúdanos!

Durante este ultimo año, todos los días, una amiga, un amigo, un familiar, nos pide oraciones porque el COVID llegó a casa. Cada día, hay alguien buscando dónde encontrar o recargar oxígeno. Todos los días, los síntomas de nuestros seres amados nos duelen como si nosotras también estuviéramos padeciendo esos dolores de cabeza, de barriga, no poder respirar, no encontrar forma de conciliar el sueño. 

Pero, no, nosotras, yo estoy bien. Mi angustia, temor o impotencia no pueden ocupar mi mente y corazón. Son esos amigos, amigas y familiares quienes están sufriendo la enfermedad y les impacta física y mentalmente. No pueden más. Varios ya se han ido. No hemos podido despedirles. Urge, estar de pie. Es urgente pensar en ellas y ellos. Hay que encontrar las formas de ayudar. Mis pensamientos y fe tienen que llevarme a encontrar el modo de apoyar la vida. Quienes estamos bien necesitamos hacer algo, ahí desde donde estamos. 

La situación es dramática. Las personas en Lima y Chimbote, que son los lugares que más conozco, padecen diariamente por encontrar o recargar un balón de oxígeno. Sí, oxígeno para poder seguir respirando. Las(os) líderes de fe en todo Perú han estado trabajando para proporcionar oxígeno médico a la gente. Pero esta crisis nos supera. Aún hay mucho por hacer. Lo que se ha conseguido es insuficiente. 

Congregaciones de Vida Religiosa, sacerdotes y obispos vienen liderando diversas colectas para construir o comprar lo necesario para una planta de oxígeno. Por favor, hazme saber si quieres colaborar con las campañas de oxígeno médico en Perú.
Aquí algunas formas en las que tú también puedes unirte:
- Ora todos los días por las familias que están sufriendo esta enfermedad.

- Dona si te es posible. Aquí un espacio: 
Al hacer tu donación, envía un mensaje al correo ( ) e indica que la donación es para las: Hermanas en Perú - Planta de Oxígeno

- Comunícate con tus amigos y familiares. En estos tiempos de incertidumbre, una palabra de cercanía tiene la fuerza de alentar la vida.


Escribe: Hna. Katty Huanuco, CCVI.

Más información sobre la realidad Peruana y la falta de Oxígeno. 

- Crisis de Oxígeno: aquí

- Perú se asfixia: aquí