Thursday, September 6, 2012

“Separating waste” vs. ”not mixing it to begin with”

Thanks to the collaboration of associate Ma. Elena de M. Anaya Moreno                                        
By Rodrigo Garcia Anaya

The issue of garbage in the city of Mexico is of the utmost importance for everyone.  And the interesting thing is that almost all garbage can be re-used if properly treated. 

The 6 basic types of waste are: organic, plastic, paper and cardboard, glass, metal and tetra-pack.  And you know what?  DON’T MIX THEM.  If you don’t mix organic waste (meat, cheese, etc.)  with other waste, you can compost the waste and produce fertilizer.

Besides the economic value of doing this, there are other benefits:
* decreasing the volume of garbage, a prime cause of infection
* decreasing the extraction of certain non-renewable materials
* reducing the pollution of groundwater.

                If everyone puts effort into this, we will have a beautiful city and better standard of living.  Go ahead, spread the word!

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