Thursday, November 28, 2013

Here's your chance: Tell world leaders to respect our rights

Thanks Victor Mendoza
Invasion of privacy through government surveillance is a pervasive, global threat to fundamental human rights. Intelligence agencies around the world are peering into every nook and cranny of our personal lives, often in secret and without adequate public oversight. 
These 13 principles have been carefully crafted through months of dialogue with leading experts on technology, privacy, and human rights, and they establish clear, rights-respecting boundaries for governments engaged in communications surveillance. So far 300 organizations have already voiced their support, and now we need you to do the same.
People around the world are coming together to tell the United Nations, world leaders, 
and policymakers everywhere that they support the Principles. Add your name to make sure your voice is heard.
Today an international coalition of civil society organizations and digital rights advocates is launching an Action Center where individuals like you can show their support for the Principles. The launch of this Action Center coincides with today’s unanimous adoption of U.N. Resolution A/C.3/68/L.45 on the right to privacy in the digital age. This non-binding resolution reaffirms the importance of protecting privacy and free expression in the face of technological advancements and encroaching state power.
The support of the people is vitally important to maximizing the impact of today’s resolution and for ensuring the Principles are successfully implemented. Make sure leaders around the world know that the people are holding them accountable and that we expect them to put human rights at the core of decision-making processes regarding surveillance going forward.

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