Tuesday, December 2, 2014

See what the Pope is doing today with other religious leaders

(Thanks to Martha Ann) Let’s try to work with people of different faiths as the Pope is doing: Pope and other religious leaders commit to eradicating human slavery.
Pope Francis said human trafficking occurs virtually everywhere, from slums to the world’s wealthiest cities, hidden behind closed doors or in plain sight on streets where women are forced into prostitution. (Reuters/Landov)  December 2, 2014
ROME — Declaring that human trafficking is “a crime against humanity,” Pope Francis and the leaders of other major faiths across the globe vowed Tuesday to work to eradicate slavery by 2020.  “In the eyes of God, each human being is a free person, whether girl, boy, woman, or man, and is destined to exist for the good of all in equality and fraternity,” says the declaration signed by Anglican, Orthodox, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and Muslim leaders during a ceremony at the Vatican.  The meeting was sponsored by the Global Freedom Network, a faith-based network that Francis launched earlier this year with Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, the leader of the 80 million-strong Anglican Communion, and Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar Mosque in Egypt, considered the Vatican of the Sunni Muslim world.  Among the signatories to the document were two rabbis, an imam and a sheikh, two ayatollahs, a Hindu guru, a Zen master, and an Orthodox patriarch---eight different religious groups in all.      Read more:


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