Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#OneBillionRising #Rise4Revolution

Tessa, CCVI Missionary, organizing the event in Chimbote.
Because every woman has a right to live without violence, this February 14 we are called to stand up.
The statistics of sexual violence mainly in Latin America are not changing. What if we changed it? We should all feel committed to fight against all forms of violence. We need to create awareness.
To participate:

·         Like us on Facebook (jpic.ccvi) and/or Twitter (ccvi_sa)

·         Upload your photo with a sign that says #Rise4Revolution #1BillionRising

·         Tag 2 friends and you are raising your voice against violence against women.

We have a responsibility, and need to use it.

Luz, CCVI Associate, raising her voice against violence

Sister Katty CCVI showing the campaing against any form of violence against women

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  1. Tessa, Luz, and Katty, great to see what you are doing. Thanks.