Monday, September 21, 2015

Peace Day in San Antonio

The San Antonio peace CENTER is hosting its second Laureate Wisdom Conversation
Monday, September 21
at the Whitley Theological Center
Oblate School of Theology
(285 Oblate Drive, San Antonio, TX 78216)

In a wisdom conversation, we eavesdrop on an intimate "livingroom conversation" held among the San Antonio Peace Laureates. Their task is to model a compassionate conversation that promotes healing, shares and acknowledges stories and leads to transformation of self and society. Our task is to listen deeply, to learn, to practice the model in small groups and to share what we've learned in our homes, schools, faith organizations  and workplaces.

Sister Martha Ann Kirk is speaking in behalf of the Incarnate Word Sisters as the 2013 Peace Laureate.  The group will also have Rabbi Sam Stahl and Imam Omar Shakir and other laureates.

The event is free. We encourage you to bring a friend. If you would like to review our previous conversation, on prejudice, you can watch a video that NOWCastSA graciously made of that event:  In that Sr. Tere Maya was speaking in behalf of the IW Sisters.
They will also be recording this conversation. Thanks, also, to Oblate School of Theology for use of the beautiful Whitley Theological Center.

Although no advance preparation is required, we have included a short list of resources that you may find useful.


A Brief History of White Privilege, Racism  and Oppression in America

An Intro to Structural Racism in 6:19

Disparities in the Criminal Justice System
Michelle Alexander: Locked Out of the American Dream

Strengthen Compassion By Studying White Privilege
Peggy McIntosh


White America, It's Time to Be Uncomfortable and OK With It
by Keith Rushing

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
by Peggy McIntosh

How the Black/White Paradigm Renders Mexican-Americans and Discrimination Against them Invisible
by Eduardo Luna

Confederacy myths survive because our history books are wrong
by James Loewen

Racial Inequality After Racism
How Institutions Hold Back African Americans
By Fredrick C. Harris and Robert C. Lieberman
Happy 20th Birthday to the peaceCENTER!
Sunday, October 4th
3:00-6:00 PM
at the Whitley Center, Oblate School of Theology
Bring family and friends.
Bring peaceCENTER stories.
Bring your smile and some melodia in your step!
Birthday refreshments served.
Free and open to the public, but consider a donation to honor the peaceCENTER -- in quantities of 2s + 0s!

Baylor Professor Robert Darden, author of "Nothing but Love in God's Water: Black Sacred Music from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement," will speak about his newest book, which explores how songs and singers helped African Americans challenge and overcome slavery, subjugation, and suppression.

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