Thursday, October 8, 2020

Resources - Reflections | Our Citizenship

Here are some resources that can help us in our reflections on the upcoming elections in the United States. 

Towards a More Perfect Union: 2020 Election Reflections by LCWR.  As women religious, we are called to bring our faith and our voices to the public square. While that is a daily responsibility, our presence and voices have never been more needed. How do we even begin to create communion in the face of a divisive climate in a polarized society? How do we enter into dialogue when so much of the public conversation about policy and politics, the direction of our country, and the 2020 election is filled with anger and disrespect? How can we possibly contribute to the work of building “a more perfect union"? We believe that LCWR’s challenge to contemplative dialogue, deep listening and mutual respect are the prophetic actions that we can offer in these difficult days of discernment. We invite you to join LCWR on a journey of faith and dialogue over a period of eight weeks as we explore some principles of our faith and ideals of our democracy by participating in three ways.

1. Pray with the weekly reflections that are available for download below.

2. Gather groups of sisters, friends, colleagues, or neighbors for some virtual conversation about the state of our democracy. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Invite those who don’t normally sit around your table. The greater the diversity, the more fruitful the dialogue. As you develop your groups and consider your guest lists, it may be helpful to consider some of these questions:

Whose voices are we including? Whose are missing from the table? Who else should be invited to the conversation? Are we hoping to facilitate greater understanding, or simply convince others of the rightness of our positions? What will help us center the human dignity of each person and deescalate the situation when we feel ourselves become tense?

3. Capture stories of what occurs as you have these conversations. How is your conversation impacting the lives of those participating? What change has occurred within your local area or city as a result of the dialogue you are hosting? (We will provide more information on what do with these stories.)

In a document that can be downloaded below are resources prepared by other organizations including voters’ guides, strategies for resisting voter suppression, civility pledges, and voter registration and “get out the vote” materials.


PDF icon 11.03.20 Election Day

PDF icon 10.27.20 Love

PDF icon 10.20.20 Contemplative

PDF icon 10.13.20 Common Good

PDF icon 10.06.20 Stitching

PDF icon 09.29.20 Soulful Politics

PDF icon 09.22.20 Shared Heartbreak

PDF icon 09.15.20 Out of Many One

PDF icon Election Resources - updated 09.09.20 

PDF icon 2020 Voter Guide - LCWR Region 7 

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