Friday, September 17, 2021

A Vision of Peace

"In our mission to incarnate the compassionate love of God, caring for the Body of Christ that suffers in the world today, we feel called to transform our own lives, our communities, our countries and our Congregation with actions that lead us to create and support a culture of peace and non-violence".

Congregational Commitment for Peace - September 21, 2017

A culture of peace is key to the Gospel, which is why we signed on to the global Appeal to the Catholic Church to re-commit to the Centrality of Gospel Nonviolence on the International Day of Peace and the Day of our Foundational Letter.  

This 2021, we renew our Our Congregational Commitment for Peace with the goal of continuing to promote the understanding and practices of active nonviolence on the road to just peace. May the desire to be authentic disciples of Jesus, challenged and inspired by the stories of hope and courage, continue to renew our efforts for peace. 

Here are two invitations that may accompany a personal or community prayer:

"Who are not, but could be.

Who don't speak languages, but dialects.

Who don't have religions, but supertitions.

Who don't create art, but handicrafts.

Who don't have culture, but folklore.

Who are not human beings, but human resources.

Who do not have faces, but arms.

Who do not have names, but numbers.

Who do not appear in the history of the world, 

but in the police blotter of the local paper.

The nobodies, who are not worth the bullet that kills them"

Eduardo Galeano

Our Lord Jesus Christ, suffering in the persons of a multitud of the sick and vulnerable of every kind, seek relief at your hands.

Claude M. Dubuis, September 21. 

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