Thursday, January 25, 2024

Courses in Care of Creation

An invitation to learn and participate in concrete ways in solving the global ecological crisis:

1. Registration Open / Online Course on Integral Ecology - Pontifical Gregorian University (

2. Animators - Laudato Si Animators

3. Course | Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home | edX

4. San Antonio Laudato Si Animators conducting workshops in Parishes or your communities:  send an email to to participate or know more information.

From Feb 5 - Mar 25, we will have Gospel and Laudato Si Integration in St. Timothy Parish, join us through Zoom Meeting.  More importantly, if you are youth or young adults, we encourage you more.

February 5 Only:

Password: 686459
Meeting ID: 943 2643 6989

It is a time that we take conscious effort in becoming more aware of our part in caring for the whole creation.  Without loving the nature, we will not be able to love everyone.  We are part of the nature. Wars, gun-violence, domestic violence, trafficking, pollution, consumerism, and other unresponsible behavior are only symptoms of our inability to love.   Let us start by taking the first step which is awareness.  Enroll in the above courses and take charge of what present and future you would like to have, for your children and children's children.

This is the time to be truly alive and be one in creation.  Laudato Si, Mi Signore! 

Thank you and have a blessed day.

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