Monday, July 25, 2011

Prominent Christians, Jews and Muslims Unite to Protect Funding for Poverty Assistance Programming

Thanks to Martha Ann Kirk for sending in this information from the "OMI Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation" online publication.

Representing a growing movement of Americans concerned that the Administration and Congress are enacting a budget deal that will place an undue burden on the poor “while shielding the wealthiest from any additional sacrifice,” leaders representing the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths today launched a new campaign to encourage policymakers to maintain a robust U.S. commitment to domestic and international poverty programs.  Fr. William Antone, OMI joined the other national faith leaders in issuing this call.

Inspired by a common spiritual conviction that God has called on all Americans to protect the vulnerable and promote the dignity of all individuals living in society, the interfaith coalition is aiming to protect those struggling to overcome poverty in the U.S. and abroad and to exclude programs that protect people in poverty from the budget deficit debates.
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