Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rainwater collection making a splash as drought continues

Thanks to Helen Ballew for this timely article on rainwater harvesting.  Helen says, "Ken Kirlin is my family’s vet and a friend.  His clinic is just down the street from us and we watched this go up – and witnessed his struggles to get bank financing for this progressive green project.  Another friend in the Texas Hill Country recently passed along a sign they saw on a fence out in the country.  It said something like:  'don’t pray for rain ‘til you manage what you’ve got.'  Interesting thought…."

As one of the hottest and driest summers on record constricts outdoor water use, more homeowners and businesses are tapping their own private supplies of rainwater and air-conditioning condensation.

While not typically designed to act as the main source of water, a rainwater harvesting system can help offset the costs of irrigation, promote conservation, provide an alternative to watering restrictions during a severe drought and, in a small way, reduce flooding and clean streams.

Rainwater is collected using gutters to channel water from the roof to a storage tank or a barrel rather than to the ground, sidewalks and streets. The stored water can then be released gradually.

Kenneth Kirlin, owner of Eagle Veterinary Hospital, included three 3,100-gallon tanks next to his new building at 4701 McCullough Ave.

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