Monday, October 10, 2011

Sr. Elizabeth Reibschlaeger testifies at EPA hearing in Dallas

Thanks to Elizabeth Riebschlaeger for such an articulate and powerful testimony to the Environmental Protection Agency.

My name is Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaeger.  I am a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word from San Antonio, Texas.    The statement that I am making here today represents the commitment of our congregation of religious women.  As co-signers with millions around the world of the Earth Charter, we have committed ourselves to work for a more life-sustaining environment for all the human family.   This commitment relates to the geophysical environment, the social environment, the civic environment as well as the spiritual environment.  Out of that commitment, and in the face of the frantic pace of new gas and oil fracking activities in Texas today, we join our voices with those here today, who come to ask the Environmental Protection Agency for immediate action toward regulating these activities.  READ MORE 

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