Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top 15 Ways the CSJ Motherhouse in St. Louis stays GREEN

From “Connections,” published for the Friends of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Fall/Winter 2011, used with permission.

Top 15 Ways the CSJ Motherhouse in St. Louis stays GREEN:

     1.     RECYCLING of containers, paper, cardboard, household batteries

2.     Use of PAPER OR CORN-BASED disposable containers (if needed)

3.     Use of ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS and laundry soap and reuse the product bottles

4.    Use of LOW-FLOW shower heads and water-saving toilets  READ MORE


  1. Great article and congratulations to these religioius women who are the "Liliputians" on the front line of the environmental charge to reclaim a clean and safe Earth. Think of it! Retired Sisters in a wheelchairs to those whose calling is to face a computer screen or sit in meetings per hours per week in adminsrative duties can be a part of this effort. Greening of the earth can be made present and practical simply by tossing that plastic or paper into a nearby recycle bin, or turning on the shower faucet after a grueling day stuck in an office.
    Thanks for this good news!
    Now. . .how about tallying up the numbers and doing a survey of "Best CCVI Practices" in our own backyard??? Bet many of us are on target, but all of us can find ways to spruce up our environmental daily footprints. What about the IPJC donating recycle bins to be placed in strategic points in The Village halls, or other corporate buildings???

  2. The Village at Incarnate Word has recycle bins throughout the independent living areas and some of the licensed areas. We are recycling paper, plastics, cardboard. We use eco-friendly cups instead of styrofoam and use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.