Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saving Mother Earth One Step at a Time

The following column written by Rev. Gerry Kleba appeared in the St. Cronan Church bulletin on January 29, 2012.  Used with permission.

(Be sure to read the last paragraph where Fr. Gerry extends an unusual invitation to his parishoners.)

Many of you are doing things that contribute to the health and life of our planet. The operative, popular word for this effort is ‘SUSTAINABILITY’. Maybe for you it is as simple as my activity yesterday when I left Shop n Save and returned to my car to get the cloth bags I had left behind. I’m sure that many of us are into gardening and shopping at Farmers’ Markets to get fresher foods, support the family farms in our area and reduce the use of fossil fuels by purchasing items that are grown closer to St. Louis. These products are not wrapped in plastic shrink wrap.

On a larger parish level we have done several energy efficiency studies to determine how to reduce fuel costs by making our buildings more energy efficient with insulation and possibly painting our flat roofed buildings with white paint to reflect the sun and reduce the costs of AC. On a much more technical level we have even looked into the possibility of geo-thermal heating and AC for our church and rectory buildings.  READ MORE


  1. I think it is a responsibility we all have as inhabitants of mother Earth. We should all be making the effort that Fr. Gerry is making. I think it is a wonderful way to reach out to the community. The hardest part of living a greener lifestyle is actually begining the process. Fr. Gerry makes the transition that much easier by providing the composte at the church.

  2. This post made me realize of how many people that do not contibute on anything on saving the earth. Mother earth has wonders and if we do not take care of it it will eventually dissapear. Little by little we can make a change. Once we start helping, God wil guide the citizens in order to start helping too.

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