Monday, February 6, 2012

Tap water is cleaner than bottled water (and other shocking facts)

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Today, as I stood in line at the grocery store, watching the woman in front of me haul a huge case of bottled water up to the conveyor belt, I felt that familiar twinge…a combination of frustration and confusion.

All I could think about was those 24 unnecessary bottles ending up in the landfill. And the unnecessary oil it took to make the bottles. And the unnecessary mess that was made while extracting the oil.

“Why, why, WHY?” I wondered. Why would you pay for bottled water every week when perfectly good water flows out of every faucet in your house?!

And then it dawned on me. The answer was right there on the packaging. “Purified water.” One of the biggest reasons people buy and drink bottled water is because they think it’s cleaner than tap waterREAD MORE


  1. I really like what Jean Durel posted here about they way we consume our water. I'm a big water drinker, mainly because I exercise a lot. With a big issue of using plastic water bottles I usually fill up my own bottle from home. I only have to buy one or two sturdy bottles that hold more water for me to drink, it's a win, win.

  2. The illustrations for this article were great. It was short and to the point. Hopefully America will one day realize that purchasing one sturdy water bottle will make a difference in their wallet and environment.

  3. This article was a great eye-opener about drinking water from water bottles versus tap water from a faucet. I am all for drinking tap water over bottled water. I have a BRITA in my fridge so I know my tap water is clean. I live on campus and lately I've been buying bottled water to use my "dining dollars" from my meal plan because I don't buy much of the things offered on campus. Therefore, I realize I am wasting a lot of those plastic bottles just like this article says. It makes me feel guilty and want to think twice about buying bottled waters. On the bright side, I do my best to recycle these bottles. It shocks me to see that only one out of five bottles are recycled and the other four contribute to three billion pounds of waste! If only the world took more responsibility about recycling... Thats another thing that bugs me, that people don't recycle things that should be! Thank you for sharing this article!