Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peruvians express support for Fr. Gaston Garatea

The following article by Manuel Vigo and photo by Peru21 appeared in "Peru This Week," 5/17/2012
On Thursday several notable Peruvians expressed their support for Father Gaston Garatea, after the Archdiocese of Lima decided to strip the priest of his ministerial faculties, after Garatea expressed public support for gay rights and criticized priestly celibacy.

In a signed statement, Garatea’s supporters praised him as “an example for youth and adults from all walks of life", and criticized the decision to remove him from his religious duties.

According to local radio RPP, the letter was signed by several high-profile Peruvians, including Lima Mayor Susana Villarán, Roberto Dañino, Juan Inchaustegui, former Prime Minister Salomón Lerner Ghitis, Baldo Kresalja, Carlos Amat y León, and Cecilia Blondet.  READ MORE

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