Friday, October 19, 2012

ACTION: Vote the Common Good in Election 2012

LCWR Justice and Peace alert:

Just three weeks to go until the election and still we are hearing very little about the common good and the concerns of those most in need!
Our faith reminds us of our responsibility to care for those in need and to stand with those who are most marginalized. This belief, that Jesus calls us to love in word and in deed, lies at the center of our Election 2012: Catholics Vote for the Common Good campaign.
We want to make sure both parties know that as Catholics we believe that we are all responsible for building the community and that the common good must be central to this campaign and to the policies of those who wish to govern our nation. The state platforms we created for the Election 2012: Catholics Vote for the Common Good project embody this ideal. We need your help to raise awareness and hold candidates accountable.
Please, lend your voice.
Go to and click on your stateFrom there, you can read your platform and sign it online.

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