Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Costs of Hydrofracking: an LCWR Resolution to Action

How does fracking affect our water supply?  Our air quality?  Our very lives?

The LCWR Global Concerns Committee's Fall 2012 "Resolutions to Action:  The Cost of Hydrofracking" shows in a clear, brief (two pages) and practical way how to analyze a complex issue such as fracking:
*  It begins with EXPERIENCE, the story of a person affected by fracking.
*  SOCIAL ANALYSIS:  It explains how fracking works and then shows how "the environmental and health impacts of fracking are shocking and well-documented."
*  REFLECTION:  It invites us to look at the options facing us.
*  It offers concrete ACTION suggestions, beginning with resources on how to educate and empower ourselves and others on this issue.  READ MORE


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