Friday, February 15, 2013

Photos: "One Billion Rising" in St. Louis

February 14, 2013:  St. Louis joined thousands of cities in 205 countries around the globe where people gathered and danced to bring awareness to the reality of violence against women and girls.  CLICK HERE for the article, "One Billion Rising: An End to Violence Against Women," by Sorcha Pollak.

Photos from the group that gathered in the MO History Museum in St. Louis:

2-14-13:  "One Billion Rising" gathering at the MO History Museum in St. Louis
Practicing ....
Jenn Reyes Lay - IWM in Chimbote (2009-10)



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  1. It excites my heart to see such compassion for one another as St. Louis hosts different countries to bring awareness to the violence on women and girls. Through dancing, we can see a connection between these countries and an elevation of consciousness for persons of different cultures and religions. If there were more organizations that were proactive towards brining humans together, instead of separating by classes, cultures, and religions, we would see a huge change in human's compassion for one another.