Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SYRIA: The Catholic Case Against Attacking Syria

From www.paxchristiusa.org

by Dan Ebener

Based on Catholic social teaching, here are seven reasons to oppose a U.S. military strike against Syria:

1. Just cause. The use of chemical weapons crosses a threshold that was established as illegal since the end of World War I. It is assumed but not proven that the chemical attack was the work of the Assad government (Syria). However, it is conceivable (even if unlikely) that the rebel groups staged the chemical attack to provoke a U.S. response. Just cause requires a burden of proof.  READ MORE

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  1. On page 12 of Engage: exploring a nonviolent living, there is a story written by Clare Hartsig titled "Shine On in Montana". She describes an attack on a 5-year-old boy where "the brick and shards of glass were strewn all over the child's bed." (12) The Jewish traditions of the family were the cause of the attack and it sparked a revolution in the community. The local newspaper soon after "published a full-page drawing of a menorah, along with a general invitation for people to put it up in their windows." (12) Both this case and the case described in this article are talking about nonviolence and ways you can avoid physical retaliation. I am very intrigued by what Dan Ebener has to say and enjoyed his writing very much.