Thursday, February 20, 2014

World Day of Social Justice

The gap between the poorest and the wealthiest around the world is wide and growing. This situation is not only between countries but within them, including many of the most prosperous.  The World Day of Social Justice is observed to highlight the power of global solidarity to advance opportunity for all.

Circumstances such as where a person is born, where they live or their gender and ethnicity should never determine their income or their opportunities for quality education, basic healthcare, decent work, adequate shelter, access to drinking water, political participation or living free from threatened, or actual, physical violence. More

1.- Today is World Social Justice Day: what can Zimbabwe learn? Click Here
2.- Peace Committees collect and decommission guns from their neighbors. Click Here

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  1. On pages 22-23 in our Engage book, in our course on exploring nonviolent living, we are taught about the costs of a violent society. Neil Wollman states "We are a society that talks about equality and the value of equality, but our institutions and social structures do not always serve that ideal. Sometimes they do the opposite." In this article about world day of global justice, it mentions that violent conflict is often the root of inequalities, discrimination and poverties. These tie together in the sense that our Engage book is teaching us healthy ways to work around prejudice and discrimination. It teaches us how to be better people who are nonviolent and who can peacefully contribute to today's harmful society. This article opened my eyes to the truth of today's society and how even I can change and make a small but noticeable difference.