Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Zambians call for a people-driven constitution

Thanks to Cristina Vargas:  "The statement below is the continuation of the process to get a new constitution in Zambia in this year when the country will celebrate 50 years of independence.  The Catholic Church through the Episcopal Conference ZEC has an active voice in the process; the consultation to the people in Zambia was done last year." 

The year 2014 marks Zambia’s Golden Jubilee having attained independence in 1964.  Reflections on the quality of political governance experienced throughout this period clearly show that this country’s development has been consistently undermined by a self-centred political leadership.  The current PF government has not been any different and has gone further to exhibit a less than high calibre of leadership. For this reason, the Oasis Forum would like to state the following and urges all Zambians, especially the political elite, to seriously ponder on these messages. READ MORE

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