Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Taylor Robinson of Incarnate Word Academy Featured in the International Day of the Girl

Taylor Robinson, a senior at Incarnate Word Academy (IWA) in Saint Louis, MO used her unique voice to empower others to recognize the importance of equal representation of women and fair treatment of all humanity.

In the Untied Nations Sustainable Development goals,    Goal 5 notes “empower women and girls.”   The International Day of the Girl was established nine years ago to further that. Normally the Girls Summit would be held at the United Nations, but with the pandemic, an online event is being held.  Taylor Robinson's film,  among submissions from all over the world is one of the entries selected to be featured on their website, social media, and in the virtual celebrations.

The international organizers wrote to her: "We are very excited to include your inspiring piece. Thank you very much for the time and energy you put into creating such outstanding material. Your submission will be posted on the Day of the Girl  Website  and posted from the Day of the Girl social media accounts. Your submission will help elevate the conversation about girls' human rights around the globe. The International Day of the Girl 2020 is being observed Oct. 9 to 11.  Join us on Friday, October 9th for a Virtual Field Trip to the Girls' Rights Townhall in partnership with the United Nations. Then join us on Sunday, October 11th for the 9th annual Girls SpeakOut on Youtube!  On October 9th we will be hosting a virtual Girls' Rights Townhall where girl activists will come together with UN policymakers to talk about building equity for girls. Watch the event on our website  and prepare ahead of time with our curriculum .  

On October 11th, the Girls Speak Out will premiere on Youtube  throughout the day. Find your timezone and language here  Hear from girls around the world about what building equity means to them through music, poetry, and art. Viewers will have the opportunity to join the dialogue through a live chat – ask questions and share your experiences!" 

Taylor Robinson currently serves as an Officer of IWA’s Diversity Club where she is constantly promoting and celebrating each individual voice. When Taylor learned of the amazing opportunity to use her voice to showcase her boldness, she happily agreed to provide a creative submission to the International Day of the Girl program. Taylor stated, “I decided to do the video because in today's chaotic world, it is hard to find your voice and project it to the point where it actually is heard. I was luckily granted the opportunity and took advantage of it."


When asked, what do girls need to have to build equity in  their lives, education, and communities, Taylor eagerly responded with, “representation and fair treatment.” Representation to Taylor means representation in the classroom, government, leadership, and in her community. It was important for Taylor to empower girls to realize that they can succeed in their community and in the world. Similarly, fair treatment involved promoting fair and equal treatment with law enforcement so that her community could feel safe. She shared that
representation and fair treatment needed to unite so that girls can come together to be the change that this world so desperately needs. See her contribution: 

The principal of Incarnate Word Academy Katie Wilson and the Director of Equity and Inclusion Jordan Watson  encouraged Taylor to  be a part of this international effort after receiving the invitation from Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, Chair of the Incarnate Word Sisters Justice, Peace, and Creation Committee. Incarnate Word Sisters have come many countries including France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Ireland. Taylor carries forward the international tradition. 

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