Sunday, August 29, 2021

Ordaining Women: Leading to more corruption or bringing justice


Women’s Ordination Conference 45th Anniversary. Sister Dorothy Ettling, Dr. Ada María Isasi-Díaz, Sister Mary Walden, and Sister Martha Ann Kirk attended the first Women’s Ordination Conference in Detroit. Three of them have died, but Sister Martha Ann was invited to be a presenter at the anniversary celebration  

She had been the leader of dance and drama at 2015 gathering of Women’s Ordination Worldwide  Sister Tere Maya was a part of the gathering of major superiors in Rome a few years ago when they had invited Pope Francis to consider women in the diaconate.  An interactive platform is promoting conversations on the deaconate  Would the best thing be or dismantle any type of ordination within the Catholic Church since they seem to lead to power over rather than gospel relationships of mutuality and service.  “I no longer call you servants but friends,” echoes from John’s gospel. Discerning Deacons invites people to consider how the church might be healed.

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