Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gospel Nonviolence

Thanks to Martha Ann Kirk for sending this video on Gospel Nonviolence.

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"Introduction to the History, Theology and Spirituality of Gospel Nonviolence" by Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

"It is not meant to be the be-all-and-end-all on Gospel Nonviolence. It is intended to be an opening word, not the last word. Its purpose is to motivate ordinary people, Christians and non-Christians, to perhaps begin to consider, reflect on and use whatever time is needed to try to grasp the seriousness and depth of this Gospel truth, as daily human life and Christian life on earth become more vicious, cruel, deceitful and mocking of divinity and humanity."
Emmanuel McCarthy


  1. People are constantly desiring world peace. However, most do nothing to contribute to the making of this phrase. I'm not criticizing those who try to live peaceful lives by minding his or her own business, but I believe that in order to see a greater difference, one must go out of his way (even a little) to help someone. By doing so, the other person is invited to go out of his way to help someone new. It's a chain effect, but it can start with anyone. This is not meant to stop wars or violence from occurring. Instead, it will be a lighthouse in a storm. The lighthouse is incapable of stopping the storm, but its comforting light will guide more and more people safely to shore.

  2. I think that the Gospel is a great place to look for how to love even our enemies. Violence only leads to more violence, and in the end, what does that achieve? More deaths? More Hatred? What our world needs is an optimistic outlook on life. We need to dig ourselves deeper into the Gospel to dig ourselves out of the mess that we have created.

  3. The Gospel is a great place to look for all kinds of advice. Fighting violence with violence solves nothing, just makes a bigger burden to attend too. The Gospel has the answers we look for, we just have to dig deep and find those answers ourselves avoiding all the violence.

  4. I also agree with Emily because we can not be mean to others if we are trying to create a better world. For those who may not be religious then others, they can find other ways to be more spiritual. The world needs more people to understand the kindness of others so that way those who may be violet can change for the better.

  5. I agree with Emily in that we need to be more kind to one another so the world can be a better place for our future. Gospel may speak those who are inspired by the words of Gods, but for those who may not be as religious can find way to non-violent spiritual.

  6. I think a lot of people confuse this idea of nonviolence with the idea of keeping out of other people's business. In order to live a nonviolent life you have to find ways to keep yourself happy while also finding ways to make others happy. Lend a hand to the old lady putting her grocery bags in her car, help up a child that falls in your path, don't honk at the person that cut you off. By being kind to one person we can change the way they see the world.