Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Occupy Effect on the 2012 election

This article by Katrina vanden Heuvel was posted on on January 26, 2012

I don’t know how Occupy Wall Street will impact the 2012 election, but one thing seems pretty clear: it’s changed the national conversation.

A few short months ago, the corporate media and inside-the-Beltway chatter was all debt and deficits, all the time.
Occupy changed that. It reset the media narrative so it’s more aligned with the true crises of our times—income inequality, downward mobility and economic fairness. It’s also renewed attention to corporate accountability and the corrosive role of corporate money in politics.

Just look at the media’s use of the words “inequality” and “greed” post-Occupy.  READ MORE


  1. the economy has taking a downfall but whos to say we cant over come this. with the prayer and being on gods said in time the economy will prevail

  2. I think that Occupy Wall Street was a was great movement. But as for the youth of the world that traveled to NY to campaign where the maine problems happened they caused more problem's then needed. But the way the media did not broadcast it till later on was shameful.

  3. i think that Occupy Wall Street was a great movement and got people involved. But I also think that is caused move problems then need. but i also feel that the media lied to us as american and did not publish the media till the felt that it had simmered down.