Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22: World Water Day

Used with permission of the OMI Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Office in Washington, D.C.


By Bishop Michael Pfeifer, OMI
A basic essential element to maintain all life on planet Earth is water. Without water we all die. The need for life-giving water has captured the attention of all of us in West Texas and the entire state as we have been experiencing the driest year for Texas in recorded history. From the death we see around us in nature and the extremely low water levels in bodies of water, we are reminded that indeed water is essential for a life.  READ MORE


  1. Wow, what an interesting story highlighting the importance of fresh water and how important water is for life on earth! In general I believe we should be more aware of how much water we use in our everyday lives. I have come across many faucets that are not completely turned off and it annoys me to think how much water is wasted, even by a single faucet leaking. If we were more aware of simple things like that, or how much water we waste from food that we do not consume, how much water could we save?

  2. I am so suprised to hear that we have World Water Day! It is very interesting to hear the importance of fresh water. Without water we would be in a whole lot of trouble cause we would die, the plants and animals as well. The human body is 50 to 70 percent wate, and needs a regular supply of clean water to maintain health.Clean water is essential for fish and other wild life specis. I also believe we should be more aware of how much water we use in our everyday lives.

  3. I hadn't heard about World Water day before now, but this article reminded me of how important water is. My family has taken extra measures with the water restrictions in San Antonio, not even putting water in our pool. With the drought going on for so long here we have to be cautious with the amount of water we use.