Friday, April 29, 2011

"Insane Storms: Science Saw it Coming, and Yes, It's Part of Climate Change"

"Every day recently we seem to have warnings and news about massive outbreaks of intense tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Down under (i.e., Australia) in December and January they had record rainsrecord cyclones and flooding earlier this year during the height of their Summer.
And who can forget the Snowpocalypse in America this February ( I know the folks who attended the Super Bowl in Dallas haven't).
You could call it Snowpocalypse 2011—one of the biggest and worst winter storms since the 1950s has walloped at least 30 U.S. states, according to NASA."
CLICK HERE to read the full article from AlterNet.

CLICK HERE to read a related article by Bill McKibben, founder of "Floods, Earthquakes, Landslides: Are We to Blame for So Many Disasters?"

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