Friday, December 9, 2011

Biofuels directly linked to global hunger

From "ActionAid":

Engaging in the debate over biofuels, ActionAid asks, "Who benefits?" Are biofuels clean or dirty? Green or mean? An answer to rural development or a part of the problem in the global food system? An important move towards energy independence or another profitable opportunity for the oil, gas and ethanol industries?

In exploring the issue we found that U.S. and European renewable fuel targets benefited the few at the expense of the many and distracted people from the growing North-South food and energy imbalance. We will make our underlying agenda clear: we come from a rights-based development perspective that puts poor people first and confronts unequal power. Working in partnership with poor and excluded people we assert the following analysis of industrial biofuels.  READ MORE.

To take action:  go to the "URGENT ACTION" box in the left column of this blog.  Click on the link to tell Congress to end the $6 billion biofuel giveaway that fuels global hunger.

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