Friday, December 23, 2011

Jesus and Nonviolence

Thanks to Maru Noguez both for sending in this article and for translating it.

By Raúl Lugo Rodríguez
(Traducción de Maru Noguez con ayuda del Google traductor)

Jesus is in a complex behavior in relation to violence. The Kingdom of God and its irruption causes violence (Mt 11.12). It is difficult to characterize violence (Luke 16:16) but Jesus does not conceal.   Jesus is  in the line of prophets  confronting the unjust order, protesting    with acts and words.  This is seen  as  violent by the order keepers because the order, the law  is apparently violated. In fact, Jesus removes the ambiguity of Christian resignation to injustice and makes the demands of charity.  READ MORE

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