Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A heart for social justice

Marquette University will hold a prayer service to remember the slain U.S. journalist James Foley, a 1996 graduate.  U.S. government officials confirmed the authenticity of a graphic video showing Islamic State fighters beheading Foley.
The Marquette University press release describes Foley as someone with "a heart for social justice" who used his immense talents "to tell the difficult stories in the hopes that they might make a difference in the world."
You can... find a letter that James sent to the Marquette community and a speech he gave in 2011 at:
Prayers for the Marquette community, the Foley family, for those James acted in solidarity with and for peace in our world.

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  1. On pages 32 and 33 we learn what violence really is and why violence occurs. Violence is literally anything that destroys ourselves or others and the beheading of an innocent man is violent because it destroyed the man himself and those around him. This violence is very unnecessary and any man that can take an action like this clearly has no idea the impact that this has on the world. This innocent man was a firm believer in social justice and wanted to show people what social justice is through his writings. Sadly his killers did not believe in his words and chose the violent route. Peace in the world was a goal of his and he paid his life in search of this goal. This article is a very good example of how violence is destroying the world little by little. Thank you.