Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Zambia, media branch out to cover forests, climate change

Zambia’s media houses are ill-equipped or often uninterested in covering environmental stories, according to some of the country’s leading journalists, having a negative impact on the level of public scrutiny of policy decisions affecting the environment.
“There is lack of education among reporters on issues to do with climate change,” said Hellen Mwale, a reporter for the Daily Nation, one of Zambia’s most widely read newspapers. “Most of us lag behind when it comes to topical environmental stories. We often rely on press statements because we don’t have the initiative to generate our own ideas and … we feel stories to do with the environment are difficult.”
Journalists are misleading the nation with their current level of reporting, said Chief Ndake of the Nsenga-speaking people of eastern province of Zambia. Read more:

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