Monday, July 2, 2018

A Visit from the Holy Family

Image result for jesus and mary immigrationJesus and Maria stayed at our convent last night! 

Well, actually three—two mothers from El Salvador and one from Honduras each with a precious little son, one- or two-years old. 

One woman explained that four men had come to their home, shot her brother, and cut off his head.  She took her son and fled. They traveled for over a month, anyway that they could to reach our border.  They turned themselves in seeking help.

All three of the mothers and sons have relatives here.  Early this morning Sister Marichui took them to the airport. They are on their way to California, Florida, and Virginia---one to be with her mother whom she has not seen since she left El Salvador twenty-years ago.

I was left wondering, how can we in the international family work together so that all countries can be safe, all can stay in their homes near the rest of their families, enjoying their culture and language and uniqueness?

Until we do better figuring that out, our convent Annunciation Community feels better that we are blessed by these international guests from time to time. They teach us courage, perseverance, resilience, hope and LOVE.

Their presence leads me to hard questions about how we have contributed to the creation of unjust global economics---questions I would rather avoid.

I had some extra books by Dr. Seuss because my grandniece and nephew already had the ones I had bought for them. When Sr. Marichui and I asked the boy which he would like, he delightedly picked the one with the cow on the cover. He turned the pages pointing to the animal. Even if my Spanish is not good, I am great making animal sounds. He smiled. His mother said that he loved to be read stories.

The children learn quickly.  What can we learn from the children?

Written by Sr. Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI 

The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, since their founding
have continue to respond to the needs of suffering children.
Pictured above is Mother St. Pierre in 1888 with orphaned children.

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