Monday, September 16, 2019

Passing on a Passion for Justice and Peace

Some of those attending the “Watch Party” at Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas 

In San Antonio, Texas, the Justice, Peace, and Creation Office of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word partnered with the University of the Incarnate Word Pre-Law Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Ettling Center for Civic Leadership and Sustainability  and Women’s Global Connection  hosting a presidential candidate debate “Watch Party” on September 12, 2019.  Casey Ogechi Iwuagwu, President of the UIW Pre-law Society extensively promoted this educational event.  Participants received copies of the Network Platform and other materials inviting critical thinking about substantial issues. 

The Sisters whose Constitutions state that they bring God’s love “through the promotion of human dignity” have been active trying to build just societies since their founding in 1869 when poverty and racism limited access to health care.  Among the people attending were Sisters Grace O’Meara, CCVI, and Sarah Lennon, CCVI, who had ministered in Chimbote, Peru.  Sister Grace had been a leader in justice and peace efforts there. She had spoken so loudly for the rights of the people during the period of the Sendero Luminoso in the 1980’s that terrorists threatened to kill her. Sr. Sarah previously had noted, "Often, those working for peace and justice [were] caught in the crossfire between terrorists and government forces."  Often people speaking for justice and peace today are caught in the crossfire of a polarized society.  

Sister Josetta Eveler, CCVI, who has dedicated her life to education encouraged students attending. Sister Alice Holden, CCVI, who led an interfaith center was a main person working against the death penalty when the Incarnate Word Sisters took a corporate stance on that.  Sister Martha Ann Kirk, who chairs the Sisters Justice, Peace, and Creation Committee, is grateful that UIW students have been actively speaking for the human rights of immigrants and educating others on gun safety laws. A Russian student helped give perspective on US civic issues and all engaged in thoughtful conversations  
                                                                                     By Sister Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI 

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