Monday, December 16, 2019


We, the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, are a congregation founded by immigrants for immigrants. We believe that all people are worthy of respect and their inherent human rights must be protected.

We strongly oppose the globalization of indifference that denies people’s dignity, and we denounce the criminalization of migration that puts people looking for a better and safer life for themselves and their families at greater risk.

We support and accompany our migrant, immigrant and refugee brothers and sisters through globalizing compassion, cooperation and solidarity by:

- Valuing the positive aspects of communities of origin, communities through which they might travel, and the communities of destination.

- Promoting a culture of encounter with hospitality and acceptance rather than xenophobia, discrimination and racism.

- Committing ourselves to work for the human rights of migrants, immigrants and refugees.
-      Educating ourselves to welcome, promote, protect and integrate migrants, immigrants and refugees into our communities and institutions.

Collaborating with Catholic and other institutions that work to defend and to support migrants, immigrants and refugees.

Researching, identifying, and working to transform the underlying structural causes, whether environmental, economic, political, or social that disrupt people’s lives, cause desperation, and force them to migrate.

Particularly identifying and seeking to change our own impact on climate change that forces millions of people to move and negatively impacts all life on earth.

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