Sunday, January 31, 2021

Human Trafficking Training

Neoliberalism and Human Trafficking in a Time of COVID. Talitha Kum 
Engage in study and action with this helpful resource guide focusing on neo-liberal economics and how it drives human trafficking.

Educate Yourself: Watch our COMPASS e-learning series on maritime trafficking. COMPASS
Whether you are a human trafficking service provider, a port chaplain, an Apostleship of the Sea (AOS) staff member, or a concerned citizen eager to advocate for the protection of those catching and processing our fish, these e-learning educational modules are for you!  USCCB/MRS, with the support of the Coalition of Organizations and Ministries Promoting the Abolition of Slavery at Sea, has developed the Compass series to introduce you to crucial topics surrounding trafficking at sea, ranging from forms of exploitation found on fishing vessels and in processing plants to effective practices for individuals providing case management services and shelter to survivors of human trafficking.

What is Human Trafficking? USCCB
The Catholic Church helps prevent modern-day slavery  and you can too. Learn more about:
Human Trafficking: Key Statistics
Why is Human Trafficking So Prevalent?
Breaking Through Misconceptions

These human trafficking modules are short to-the-point educational resources which help to break open a single aspect of Human Trafficking.

Introduction to Human Trafficking: Theory and PracticeFreedom Network
The Introduction to Human Trafficking training is a 2.5-hour session designed for new professionals in the field, or for anyone wanting a refresher course on the basics of human trafficking. It will give participants a foundation of human trafficking theory and practice, as well as provide participants with real human trafficking case studies and practical tools for service provision. Participants will learn about the who, what, when, where, and why of human trafficking, as well as what legal services and social services are available to survivors. The session will be delivered by three experts on human trafficking, who will share best practices, skills, and concepts with participants.

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