Thursday, January 12, 2017

100 Days of Prayer

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, together with their justice center, have created and share with you now a calendar called "100 Days of Prayer.”  The idea is to include a daily prayer in keeping with the new administration’s first 100 days in office. The content encourages unity and reconciliation and offers support to people who may be vulnerable to policy changes. The prayers are short - only about 12 words long - so that they easily fit into a square on a calendar, and be remembered throughout the day.
The first installment for January is attached and begins on inauguration day, January 20th. We will upload subsequent ones as they come out. They are waiting on them so that they can be flexible with the content and adjust to current happenings and needs.
With the next “installment” there will also be suggested actions for each week.
Please feel free to use this for prayer and reflection in any way you would like, and to forward to others.

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