Monday, January 23, 2017

Laudato Si’ Reflection Resource On Care for Our Common Home:


– Scripture quotes coordinate with 2017 Scripture readings, but they are useful at any time of any year.

– Suggestions for pertinent videos and hymns that enhance the experience.

– Devoting the first of five sessions to the Introduction establishes a solid foundation for accepting the full document.

– Practical weekly action suggestions lead to lasting commitments.

Scripture quotes from the appropriate Sunday are explored in the light of various Earth concerns: Water, Air, Soil, all of Earth’s species and ecosystems.  As people of faith, we want to respond not only to Jesus’ suffering and death, but also to the suffering and death within creation, where God lives and acts, and we are part of a united whole: our home.
Whatever the aspect of creation being highlighted, participants reflect on excerpts from each Sunday’s Scripture readings in the light of our place in the Universe Story and the presence of the divine within it from the beginning — and within us, as we respond to the threats to Earth’s gifts.  Meetings include silence, prayer, input, discussion, action suggestions, and socializing.

Lent 2017: I Thirst

I Thirst 2017 – 14 sides
Tengo Sed 2017 – 14 sides Please use the 2014 version.

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