Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Educación para la Paz / Education for Peace

ESPAÑOL:  Gracias a Aracely Uranga por mandar información sobre cómo educar para la paz.  Revise la liga abajo que contiene datos interesantes, en varios idiomas, de este tema; sólo tiene que inscribirse para poder ver más artículos:

ENGLISH:  Thanks to Aracely Uranga for sending the link (below) that has interesting information about how to educate for peace
The website provides the information in several languages, including english and spanish.


  1. Thank you Aracely Uranga! I believe teachers have a tremendous impact on our society. Implementing the use of peace in school curriculum can make a huge impact on our future. The only problem in pushing these workshops would be cost and transportation. If schools can find it in their budget to send administrators to these workshops and educate their teachers, students would benefit greatly from this.

  2. I believe that education for peace is very important in the advancment of the follwing generations of our world. This is especially important for third world counrties and developing countries across the globe.