Thursday, October 1, 2015

Congregational Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Office

As Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word we have the mission to make tangible in our world the saving and healing love of the Incarnate Word, promoting human dignity as well as promoting and protecting fullness of life especially among the most vulnerable.
That brings us to commit ourselves seriously to poor and vulnerable people, to collaborate with individuals and organizations that share our values, and to assume the risk of taking prophetic corporate stances that favor justice, peace and the care of creation.  (Chapter Directive, 2014)
These commits us to:
- Discover the interconnections among various justice issues by means of theological reflection and social analysis.
- Take advantage of opportunities for education in justice, peace and the care of creation
- defend those strategies for action that promote transformation of unjust structures
- work in national and international networks with individuals and groups who work for social justice.
So, our new Congregational JPIC Office have the purpose: to respond to the challenge of incarnating the values ​​of justice, peace and integrity of creation in society.
And as specific objetives: Discover and share how the Body of Christ and God's creation in the world today are suffering; Respond in word and deed, in collaboration with other groups in the Church and society, with actions focused on issues of justice, peace and integrity of creation; systematize information on how the Body of Christ and all of creation are suffering in the places where we find ourselves; and help members of the Congregation understand and address the systemic issues of poverty and social injustice from a global perspective.

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