Thursday, October 22, 2015

#FlyToFreedom Take Action Against Human Trafficking

The CNN Freedom Project is trying to show some of the horrors of modern day slavery.  As part of this work they have launched the campaign called #FlyToFreedom to combat Human Trafficking.

We, as the Congregational JPIC Office for the CCVIs join with them because "we affirm the dignity and rights of all people and we denounce Human Trafficking and the economic and social systems which support it.  

We invite you to particpate too!  The symbol of Project Freedom is a paper airplane, which represents the path to freedom.  Do the following:

1)  Make a paper airplane

2) Write a statement on the airplane about something you commit to do to fight against modern day slavery.  

3)  Share your airplane and message on social media using the hashtag #FlyToFreedom

4)  Nominate two friends to do the same by tagging them in your posts on social media.  Be sure to also tag @ccvi_sa so we know you're participating!  

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