Friday, October 30, 2015

Month of Climate Action

November 2015 is a historical month to take action against climate change.  On November 30, world leaders will meet to inaugurate the Paris Climate Summit (called COP21) and sign a treaty to tackle the climate crisis.  And throughout November we will pray and mobilize as never before, to put into practice the Pope's Laudato Si message.  To get started the Bishops of the world just released this "Appeal to the COP21 Negotiating Parties" and our movement (Global Catholic Climate Movement) responded with this "Call for a Month of Action."  So here's the plan: 

How can you take action today:


Through this petition we urge our political leaders to commit to ambitious climate action and solve this urgent crisis. Petition signatures will be delivered in an event at the Paris Climate Summit.
After you’ve signed it, help promote it in your parish, school, community or personal networks, using the Climate Petition Toolkit.

2) #PRAY4COP21

Through the #Pray4cop21 prayer chain we are praying for world leaders to have courage at COP21 and put into practice the Pope’s Laudato Si message.


On November 29, hours before the COP21, we’ll take the streets together with the wider climate movement to show that we really care about climate change and ask governments for bold action.

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